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Wikkid Things TV Commercials



Wikkid Things offers the sexy, modern, wicked cool TV commercials you've been searching for.  TV spots with extreme flash and sexy style.  We work with: studios, bands, singers, musicians, tattoo artists, clubs, promoters, athletes, agents, artists, radio stations, filmmakers, fashion designers, movie studios, actors, models, photographers, talent agencies & basically anyone who wants an amazing TV commercial with no excuses.  Our commercials INCLUDE basic script creation from your company information, a professional spokesmodel or voice over artist of your choice, background imagery created from your logos, promotional materials or from our huge bank of stock videos, all video editing, all sound effects, all flashy visual effects.  For a very limited time, get your Wikkid Things commercial for only $500!  Use the quick checkout below or contact us @ 888.692.6995

Wikkid Things Custom TV Commercial $500

Watch our Demo Reel Now!  All videos are WMV format - if these files won't play you will need the latest version of Windows Media Player



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Time to step your business up to the next level with a TV commercial that SELLS.  We'll make your brand hot and in-demand.  From New York to Milan, from Miami to Los Angeles, we know what it takes to create a cool, cutting edge TV commercial that everyone will remember.  Order your custom Wikkid Things commercial today.  Oh yea, the price is right too (only $500 for a limited time)*

*Does not include television station advertising.  Wikkid Things can help you put together a marketing campaign to TV stations & demographics of your choosing for an additional fee.  please contact us for more information.


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